Can Robots Change Police Officers?

? Just what can an automated system to do that we humans cannot? With all the issues, including personal relationships with other officers, now that it has been brought to our attention, let’s try to understand what some of the problems will be in the future.

There are two types of relationships with an officer on the job. They are the ones that are very good and then there are the bad ones. Of course, the main question is how can change police officers?

The way this is going to play out is if those relationships issues are addressed before the officers are put in the system. Think about this for a moment; you hired a new assistant who has poor interpersonal skills, it could be as simple as that.

But do you know that within a few years, those problems will be magnified in the Police Officers Computers as well? With the old “guys on a clock” that work out, take care of their cars, all the things that most law enforcement personnel do, they will all have some type of mechanical malfunction.

Then when it happens, the upper management will find a way to blame it on the guy that actually did the wrong thing. This is why we call it the “Old Boys” network, and yes it is there now, it’s just not working as efficiently as it should be. This will happen because the Systems were not designed to handle such situations.

Many of the employees today do not think much of their fellow officer, and self-respect means something very different than it did when I was in the force. Those days are long gone, and many of those things, such as socializing with people are lost. It is a similar situation that may arise in other sectors, it doesn’t take much time to find out, when a person really knows how he or she thinks.

Robots might well be able to handle situations in the future when dealing with Police Officers that has the same issues. We will need to first determine how many robots are going to be needed to deal with this issue, and also what kind of training is required. I’m sure the officers would much rather the robots have more training and the training to be more focused.

We will still have human interaction from time to time, but mostly the robots will be the ones that will be out there all the time, handling problems and answering calls. Obviously, the backup will be part of that action, and it will probably be the guy that is in charge, but there are two basic factors.

First of all, they have to be capable of handling human interactions, and second they must be capable of taking care of themselves and the business. That makes sense to me, but how do we set up this process?

When the standards are created it needs to be looked at and if necessary corrected and then tried again. If it doesn’t work, then we have to retrain the workforce, and that will take some time.

Maybe it is best to use robots as a time-saver until we can get new equipment to make things better. The department needs to get better trained so that they can be responsible and active instead of passive, and I believe that a robot can help with that.

If these robots can see past their Human Limbs and deal with their emotions, then maybe we will never have another incident like we had this one. Perhaps it’s time we take a look at what robots can do and stop talking about them in terms of replacing human beings, and maybe they are not quite as good as some of us thought. Think on this in 2020.

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