Can Robots Change Soldiers?

What are the implications of using to change ’ minds during battle? Consider the following and discuss with your spouse, family or child.

How do you think the robots will change the future wars? Will they work or fight? Who gets to control which robot, which one wins or who rules?

What would happen if robotic soldiers could not be controlled by humans, if they didn’t have emotions? Will our children or grandchildren to be able to sit across from a robot and not know if it was controlling it? Will our robots be humans controlled by their own “core” or brain?

Would you kill a robot? It is good to start considering the questions below. Robots can be weapons, but they can also be our friends. Please consider all this.

-There is no doubt that humans are hardwired to cooperate, although they don’t have emotions, or intuition, like the robots do. In fact, some believe that the way humans perceive the world is based on instinct and where and how they see things.

-If a robot can see what everyone sees, and share it with others, wouldn’t the humans be able to see the robots? Could a mind of a robot even comprehend anything? And won’t it just see it all as something that should be ignored?

-Can you see hand movements as your hand did them? Some people believe so. However, many things in the world we can’t see, we do know that robots do not have this ability, and this is why they cannot be thought of as having emotions.

-It is likely that one day the so-called laws of physics will be wrong, and robots will work far better than we do, without any of our skills or tools. This means that humans will be obsolete.

-So what will happen when there are no more soldiers, when our troops communicate through voice recognition software? Will the machines overtake us in communication, or will it mean an end to any communication?

-There has been a lot of talk about biological enhancements, especially with genetic enhancements, but some scientists think that this will end up taking us back to our Neanderthal days. We will forget that we are part of the species, that we belong in a human society. Robots have the capability to think, they have emotions but can’t communicate like humans do.

-Could the war robots be used to help a warfighter, but can they really help in combat? If you are in a war, will you trust your self-driving car to drive you home if there is an accident, or will you trust your robotic soldier to protect you and your family? How can we make sure that future wars will be fought without killing humans?

Our thoughts, feelings and opinions about the war robots are very important. Why don’t you think about this and talk to your family. It is important for them to understand how robots are changing humanity, and why we must be careful and protective of our future.

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