Can Artificial Intelligence Save Us?

Are we heading towards a point where can save from our own increasing level of selfishness and lack of concern for others? There is certainly much to be said for this emerging concept.

For those who know their history, it was once believed that human progress had a limit. Over time, had increased and the human mind had become too sophisticated to be the hunter-gatherer it once was. The survival of the species could be threatened by no longer being able to hunt game or to build shelters in the harshest of environments.

It was thought that with some new technology there would be a way to make ourselves into no different from the primitive hunter-gatherers that had ruled the earth for millennia. Technology would come along and give us humans new tools and food that would allow us to spread out and conquer the world.

But technology does not always exist in a vacuum. Its existence often causes something else to happen; this is the case with new technologies today that are so different from those that were around during the hunter-gatherer days.

Once the hunter-gatherer days of civilization were gone, there was also an initial period of “cleaning up”. People abandoned the natural cycle of life.

Now we live in a world where people have become so busy that they have not time to care for themselves or for their surroundings. We work full time and take care of ourselves but not so much for others.

And now is at the forefront of research. It is being applied to fields like medicine, education, entertainment, business, transportation, communications, information technology, space travel, and law enforcement.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that these new fields are being developed with the idea of saving humanity rather than destroying it. Just think of the potential dangers that new techniques in this area could present.

You can have these machines for certain things, but not for all the things that we use to keep us alive. In other words, these machines will not be as valuable as we assume.

Would it not be better if we harnessed the power of the human brain for some purpose that didn’t endanger its life? It’s not going to happen so long as human beings are creating our future.

So how do we plan for the future if we do not plan for the past? The next few decades will surely be one of the most important in the entire history of man.

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