Can Artificial Intelligence Save Creative Careers?

Will be the answer to the great question – Will save ? Yes, it can. A Video will give you a different perspective, and that’s the point of this discussion.

Today, central creative roles like music, film and writing are handled by Hollywood and the music industry. Entertainment is largely corporate sponsored and therefore, they don’t understand the needs of the customer. By improving , the U.S. companies that represent the creative industry will have an edge over their competitors.

Today, film production and music recording, which encompass different fields such as the internet and computer software, have rapidly expanded and are highly in demand. The entertainment industry is also at the forefront of Internet technologies, which includes social networking, video and audio compression, open internet protocols and the “Skype effect.” These use the new media technologies to help the entertainment industry grow.

In today’s marketplace, the biggest brands need to be creative. The best people for the job are the ones who are also knowledgeable about how the world is changing. We need to develop and launch new programs that will further the brand’s reach. That means we need to know how to create, market and distribute those programs.

Creating programming that creates a sense of urgency and knowledge could be one of the greatest concepts for creating a stronger creative industries. When the company’s leader steps out, the process for training new employees can be crucial. In the US, as well as in other countries, because of government subsidies, employers can offer training to stay competitive, which also promotes creativity in the workplace.

However, the real need is for an outsourcing software package for creating and distributing programs. The current product marketplace is saturated with products that resemble the software that is needed by our entertainment industry. The difference between these products and what is needed is that these products are designed by the movie or film industry, as opposed to developed by the software engineers who have the skills and capabilities to design and create programs.

The movie industry uses CGI to create special effects to make the film special. To create this impact, the talent needed to create these effects must be easily adaptable to working on today’s entertainment platforms.

This begs the question, will take our creative fields to a whole new level? The answers, when complete, will benefit our society greatly.

With technology advancing so rapidly, it will be interesting to see if Sony can use their talent to create a unique set of tools to create programs that will benefit the entertainment industry and keep the good jobs they now provide. However, my guess is that we will continue to need programmers to build the software that will make our culture better than it is today.

When Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing this, there will be no need for humans to design and create career trajectories and create a strong competitive edge for themselves. At that point, I believe, the future will become much more exciting. There will be more places to go and ideas for creativity to thrive.

You should keep this in mind, if you have any interest in the creative arts, whether you’re an entertainer a creative director, a computer programmer, or a PhD in computer science or computer engineering. If you think that Artificial Intelligence will be able to do all of these things, then you will be able to begin to imagine what’s to come.

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