Can Artificial Intelligence Save Architects?

Have you ever considered the question, “What if the Computer Did All the Work in Architecture?” Imagine that the work of is outsourced. When a building was under construction, have the luxury of completing the project even without the input of the original architect.

We all know what it is like to be a designer for an architect, and we understand how well an architect can perform his job, but imagine if we had a computer program that could do everything, when the architect is unavailable. That would be like having an architect that has been out of commission since his last visit to the island where the building is going up, or perhaps, he is going up on another island, but a computer program could possibly look at your sketch and make the necessary changes.

It is the dream of many to bring into architecture. Indeed, there are a number of software packages that can do design management, spatial planning, as well as construction tasks. They are now available for small-scale architecture firms, too. How does this help architects?

Now, let’s assume that an architect is in a large multinational firm, which is in possession of a handful of skyscrapers. The average age of the architects is approximately fifty years old. That’s one of the problems we face today – there is no love in architecture that can match that of the process of architectural drafting.

A large construction project, of course, calls for the expertise of a designer who will design buildings of immense dimensions and great scale. These designers are able to produce high quality, practical projects. It is like designing the same piece of furniture a hundred times over.

Let’s say that in a construction project there is a need to change the layout of a building, something that can only be done by a human architect. The changes need to take into account the existing architecture of the building, to ensure it matches the new ones that are being built. But in addition, they need to keep in mind the exterior appearance of the project, as well as the legal ramifications of changing the exterior design.

There is no way you can do these types of design tasks with a human architect. What this means is that each of these designers will spend considerable time fixing problems, as well as making sure the drawings they create meet with the overall requirements of the client. What if a computer program could do this all for us?

Architectural drafting is something that can be done manually. But what if an architect had the tools to quickly produce a draft and then take it to a computer program for more intensive editing?

What if an architect who was not interested in architecture drafting was given the ability to design, as well as giving suggestions for architectural alterations? What if the same architects could do all of the design, design management, and spatial planning for their clients?

If this were to happen, it is quite possible that architects would be out of a job, and computer programs would need to replace them. Well, it might sound as if this is a Utopian notion, but it has been done before. It worked well for the automobile industry, after all.

And now the computer program is an architect, and it is beginning to look like an architect needs to have a small office to sit in at home. It can analyze problems, execute tasks, and design for the client’s needs. All of the magic in architecture could begin to be performed by a computer program, and I would not be surprised if the software were to be used in architecture around the world, and by every architect in the future.

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