Can Artificial Intelligence Save Animators?

If you are working as an animator, then () could be a savior. could help work faster and with less errors. It would also allow to find out that many of the tricks that they use to keep happy actually do not work as well as they think they do.

I am not a fan of assistants because of their working style. They usually spend a long time on the drawings of their drawings. Sometimes, even later than the animator does. Many times they would not finish their job till the end of the day because they never stop thinking about their job.

This means that they would continue working for hours on a drawing without getting any sleep. They would work at a high level all the time and do not even think of their family.

This is not a good way to work, so it is good if AI helps the animator to work. However this is not what you get with a process of drawing in which they might do almost anything as long as they get their share of drawing time. You might do the best drawing ever but if your assistant does it better then you will not get the credit you deserve.

Also this can lead to frustration and a high stress level for both the animator and the assistant. I mean you need to find ways to keep them happy because they are your team.

An animator could probably do the job of the assistant, but there will be some things that will still require their attention. Even if they are not into their job very long, they will still have to continue to look after their assistants. This is why it is better to learn how to teach the process of drawing to the assistants. When teaching the process of drawing to the assistants, it is important that you involve them. But if you ask them to keep their heads down while they listen, then they will get frustrated and forget to do their job. If you could avoid doing this, you will be able to teach them to control their emotions when working with the animator.

Also, the assistants will understand if they are not needed to draw anymore or they will also understand the difference between having a great art style for their art piece and that of an assistant. So, this will give them a clear idea of the difference between art and a good assistant.

The assistants should not be the only people who learn the process of drawing. In fact, you should try to get help from other people besides the assistants.

Many times, the assistant would become the middle man between the assistant and the artist. However, it will be more effective if you can keep the assistant and the artist in the loop.

AI could be a savior if used correctly. It can help animators work faster and with less errors.

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