Can Artificial Intelligence Change Tv Presenters?

Many people today are asking if can change the way we look at . But is it possible or will always be changed by AI?

Let’s first understand what really is. If you were to ask many AI researchers they would tell you it is a hypothetical which can mimic a human’s mental capacity in a way that it can train itself without human help.

Let’s take the example of event generation software, software which creates events and tasks automatically. What happens if there is a need to detect a particular data point which the software cannot distinguish in an error-prone fashion or if there is an issue with a feature of the data?

Any kind of AI based software or service will be able to make a decision about a particular situation and automatically generate a solution. Imagine if the kind of AI we have right now could even create a movie which automatically generates the films based on input from a box which is plugged into a TV set.

Now if we take AI into the entertainment industry you have the idea of programming or having software which can already function in natural language processing. What if this could be applied to more than just one particular genre like for example an event generator?

Indeed it could. Imagine the new breed of entertainers who could effortlessly use Artificial Intelligence to create new aspects of their art or craft, who would be able to do this because even with the current advances in they would be able to design complex things with few human eyes and little human work as their only help.

Imagine if some of these creators would even be able to create their own pre-recorded musical tunes, or if they would be able to edit and transform their own speech into a song. What if this were the case then the likes of Madonna or Beyonce would be able to compose all their own songs in less than an hour, which would of course lead to much more commercial success.

If artificial intelligence were able to replicate human personality traits why wouldn’t we all turn to AI for help when problems arise in our lives? This would create a kind of balance between good and bad AI but in reality you could see how artificial personalities could become toxic.

So TV presenters? Of course it can change some personalities but the overall aim would be that of an entertainer not a political one.

That is why I believe that an AI which can program itself in this way could create a person who could be a political icon, but it would do so with less support and less bias than traditional television presenters. Rather than focus on one specific thing, such as art or politics a single individual could focus on something general, like the beauty of a sunset.

Perhaps the most important aspect to think about is that the overall point is that there are some similarities between the two worlds. AI can help us create better lifestyles but this is at the expense of the TV presenter who has to stand up and perform the role.

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