Can Artificial Intelligence Change Farmers?

Some people are saying it is just a matter of time before have installed in their tractors to make them do the farm work. Is that true? How soon will it happen?

Future farmers will have the ability to use the tractor to supplement their income, just like any computer has the ability to do what you do for a living. It’s not necessary that we put machines on all farms. As with any other type of , the will be tested. It will probably take a decade to get to where the tractor’s being used are more like hands-on farms.

There are some European farmers who are taking steps to implement tractor driven vehicles, which they call the Dansk (Dutch) tractors. The Dutch farming industry is one of the strongest in the world. I think it will work out well, provided they are careful to keep the machine from replacing human effort. We need to get there before there is a shortage of resources because there are not enough people to go around.

We know it will be very expensive to drive these vehicles for small numbers of farms, but we don’t know how long it will take to get to the point where we have to pay for it, so they are paying for it now. I think it will be fine.

Farmers’ needs and desires have been met in Europe by the introduction of tractor driven vehicles, but the rest of the world will not wait for the Dansk model. They will have to decide for themselves what direction they want to go in.

If you think about it, it may be better to get these things right out in the open now so the buyers can be well informed. Yes, they may cost more to operate than a hand-powered tractor, but what do they do? They give us the ability to work independently on farms and can replace some of the human farm workers.

Artificial Intelligent tractors will be able to do everything that a typical tractor does. Some are safer to drive, especially for younger children. I believe these will be the future for farm machinery as long as the farms can afford them.

When farmers are happy with what they have, they will sell them for a few hundred dollars to those who will use them and shoot, taser guns or taser cattle. With all the dust and noise, it’s hard to feel like you are doing something productive. Children will be less interested in playing and more interested in knocking stuff over.

Future farmers will have a lot of decisions to make about which vehicles to buy and which ones to sell. It’s not a good way to run a business. If they can afford the new tractors, the old ones should go at least as quickly.

With artificial intelligent tractor-driven vehicles, we have made it possible for farmers to turn over half of their work. It takes a certain kind of man to look at all of that and say, “this is too much.” What a great idea.

These tractors are a huge advance, but they are not the only area in which artificial intelligent vehicle technologies are moving forward. Look for more news about these machines and where they will lead us.

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