Can Artificial Intelligence Change Editors?

Does the concept of editing by make any sense? A simple answer is no, because computers are not trained to do this.

Indeed, computers are not capable of that – especially sophisticated . Yet the concept of automation can be applied to various processes. In fact, we may start to develop these kinds of systems in our everyday lives.

As a human brain, it is very active – processing information. Thus, it can easily process an idea or a problem. However, computers can’t think much.

You may be aware of the word “think”. This word is often used in scientific processes, even though we usually don’t realize it. For example, when a computer processor starts to read a particular book in order to be able to recognize it as an example of it’s type, it thinks – a lot! In fact, it needs to process this kind of information before it can be able to recognize if that particular book is readable.

However, computers aren’t that complex, nor are human beings. They require continuous information to be fed to them in order to function. By analogy, humans have to eat, drink and breathe.

Yes, they can do it, but not indefinitely. Eventually, they will grow tired and go back to what we call day dreaming. This is a much better way to live, compared to trying to think for three hours everyday.

By contrast, as a computer editor, you can edit any document – it doesn’t matter if it is a novel, an autobiography, a work of fiction, or an article. To edit in any format – be it Word, Excel, PDF, etc., your computer can use a more advanced system called Linguistic Search Engines (SSE) in order to recognize different languages.

Computers really excel at many aspects of human intelligence. They have the ability to spot errors and mistakes with astounding accuracy, find the solution for most questions, and reason well.

Editing is no exception. If your editor goes astray and fails to understand the context of the document – it’s much easier to correct the whole document instead of just one paragraph – that way the entire document can be revised.

The difference between editing by computers and editing by humans is that the former is focused on the goal, while the latter is on the story – which leads to important improvements to the story. Why do we often see mistakes in movies?

This is because the intelligent computer program was trained to look for clues, infer the story, and put all the pieces together. So when you see the editing by AI, don’t be surprised – it’s just a software that was trained to read, to analyze and to rewrite the document by itself.

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